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Humanities Hackathon: Look, Listen, Read, Play.

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Looking, Listening, Reading, Playing. These activities are essential vehicles for our curiosity. Through art, music and literature we explore the boundaries of our understanding. When pursued in combination with computation, they expand our power to discovery and create.

The Humanities Hackathon seeks to bridge the gap between seemingly unrelated disciplines and enrich discussions about new forms of creative composition by subjecting great works and ideas to collaborative hacking. We collide the spirit and collaborative energy of software creation with the analytical depth of the humanities.

Through a week-long summer course introducing computational techniques and coding from the science while guided by a strong humanities emphasis, WID and the Center for the Humanities invite you to join us as we look, listen, read and play to uncover unexpected connections and intriguing patterns in visual art, music, literature and historical works.

Space is limited; priority will be given to individuals affiliated with UW. Applications will be accepted until July 1st. Accepted applicants will be notified no later than July 8th.